Never, ever, EVER underestimate the importance of understanding the business you are working with.

Even if you are not involved in the business aspect of the company, it is important to have an idea about what is happening on the inside.

It is best to know about the business practices and the culture.

This will help you to avoid some uncomfortable situations and keep your relationships with co-workers strong.

Whether you’re a freelancer or full time employee, you need to look at your company or client as a business before you can look at it as a project.

Start with the end in mind.

Understand the customer. Remember, customer service and experience is project #1!

One of the best ways to understand your customer is to talk to them. Contact them through email, call them, ask them questions in correspondence if its in your possible reach.

A few quick tips to help you understand your Business/users is to take an active interest in them.

Ask them questions about what they do and how they do it. This will immediately give you a boost in understanding the business.

If you can find similarities between what they do and what you do, this will also help you relate to them better.

After all, we work with people because we want our jobs to be pleasant and enjoyable. And it all begins with good relationships with our Business folks.

Also last but not the least , While working with a business, it is important to be aware of their advertising and marketing strategies, as well as their competitors.

The more you know about a business and their strategies, the more you can help them improve their strategies and further their business towards success!