Think like a Business Analyst

In order to become a Business analyst, one needs to think like a Business Analyst.
Everything we use in our day-day life is trying to solve some or the other problem. So, to think like a Business Analyst one need to think – about how to solve a problem.
For example –
YouTube has solved the problem of how to watch videos online. Before YouTube, people had to download videos to their computers and then watch them.
1.  It’s hard to get your point across in just a few seconds. You can spend hours searching for the perfect piece of sound to use in your video.
2. How to engage an audience and help them succeed with the creator’s content.
3. It’s difficult to promote yourself on social media. Nobody has time to post every hour on all platforms and even if they could be bothered they’re probably not very good at it.

1. create videos that engage your audience and make it easy to share them. With the option to create a video in minutes, you really can’t beat it.
2.Start sharing your best content to YouTube. It’s simple, easy and free.
3.Use a YouTube channel like everyone else. People are posting videos all the time, it’s easy to share and comment on them. You’ll make friends, get comments, get recommendations, get more followers and you never have to worry about going off-message because nobody is

So in a nutshell you tube has changed and impacted many lives
1. You tube allows to watch and share videos online of any topic free of cost.
2. Easy to use and easy to share the data.
3. One can start monetizing after certain views of the videos and subscribers.
4. This is one of the best ways to connect with people worldwide and can share their thoughts, videos, and different content that can easily get to reach people in vast quantities.